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We love our alums, plain and simple. You’re our greatest cheerleaders and the source of almost all of our
legends, traditions, and tall tales. But just because you’ve graduated doesn’t mean your service to the team has ended.

Our finances are tight, and there’s no way to sugar coat it. For the 2010-2011 season, we received the lowest financial
contribution in our history
from TCU. You all know that were TCU to invest in our program, we could certainly raise our profile not only in
the community, but state-wide and even nation-wide, providing valuable marketing for our school. Unfortunately, that’s something that the school would,
as now, prefer us to prove on our dime instead of theirs.

This is where you come in. We’re asking all of our alums to contribute the cash equivilant of one movie ticket or DVD purchase per month — only $20 per month — to the team. Half of your $20 will go into a scholarship fund that will be used to attract new talent to the team and
help show TCU that we can do more than cost them money. The other half of your contribution will be used to bolster the team’s tiny operating budget.

Donate today and help preserve an organization that served as the backdrop of some of your fondest college memories.

Donate today so that you can continue bragging about your epic college rugby years, without having to explain that the team no longer exists.

Donate today so that all those men who have yet to come will have the opportunity to make the same lifelong friends and fond memories that you did.

Donate today by contacting either one of the Alumni Relations officers listed on the Contact page, or by e-mailing us here.


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