Texas Christian University Rugby Club
Coaching Staff
Name: Ben Cole
Position: Head Coach

Name: Steve Utter
Position: Coach

Name: David Field
Position: Coach

Name: Carter Schimpff
Position: Coach
Name: Kevin Benson
Position: Center/Wing

Name: Brett Brandon
Position: Prop

Name: Robert Carlisle
Position: Hooker

Name: Cole Frederick
Position: 8/Center/Flank
Name: Kevin Frey
Position: Flank/Lock

Name: Clint Murchison
Position: Center

Name: Albert Parent
Position: Scrumhalf

Name: Paul Patino
Position: Hooker/Wing
Name: Scott Schofield
Position: Prop

Name: Ben Wright
Position: Flanker

Name: Grant Richey
Position: Flanker/Prop

Name: Aaron Robertson
Position: Center
Name: Joe Kizer
Position: Flanker

Name: Ryan Higgins
Position: Lock

Name: Toby Teakell
Position: Fullback

Name: Minh Nguyen
Position: Back
Name: Chris Blanton
Position: Back

Name: Jordan Sele
Position: Center

Name: Caleb Homer
Position: Back

Name: Kent Roeger
Position: Lock/Flanker

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